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2017 DEYÖS Results

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 05-06-2017





       Dokuz Eylul University Student Admission Exam From Foreign Countries (DEYOS) for 2017–2018 Academic Year was held on 28th May, 2017.

       2017 DEYÖS Results.pdf

       Candidates who have at least 50 points or over from any one of Quantitative (SAY), Verbal (SÖZ) and Equally Weighted (EA) point types, have the right to make the preferences.

       Candidates who want to apply the department which accept students with “Talent Test” will not make prefences and apply to relevant faculty or school in condition to have at least 30 points or over from Verbal (SÖZ) point type.

      Click to see the announcement about Talent Test for 2017–2018 academic year.

       The candidates will be placed to the related departments in accordance with their ranking in the exam and within the specified quota. In case canditates have equal scores, the priority for placement will be given to the younger candidate.

       Beginning of the Process of Preference     : 19th June, 2017

       End of the Process of Preference               : 23th June, 2017

       The preference form will be active on the link below starting from 19th June, 2017 and will be deactivated after 23th July, 2017.

The Preference Address: http://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/Yos/index.php


The Quotas and Department & Programme Requirements of Student Admission Exam From Abroad (DEYÖS) For 2017-2018 Academic Year




If you forgot your YOS ID and password which necessary for preference process call us to learn.

Phones: 0 232 412 14 25-0 232 412 14 31-0 232 412 14 32

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